How to Care for Cashmere Sweaters

Congratulations, you just purchased a brand new cashmere sweater! To make sure your investment stays as buttery soft as the day you bought it, you'll want to care for it properly. 

Not sure how? Don't stress! In this blog post we'll share what exactly cashmere is, why it's considered so luxurious, and how to care for it properly. Let's go...

golden sun cashmere saratoga

Golden Sun "Meet Me in Saratoga" Sweater

What is cashmere? 

Cashmere is a natural fiber that has been used for centuries to keep chilly temperatures at bay. It comes from the cashmere goat, which is found across the Himalayas. To deal with the bitter cold temperatures in this region these goats develop two coats of hair: a wiry topcoat and a super soft cashmere undercoat. That second coat is where the magic happens!

happy cashmere goat

Why is cashmere such a luxury?

Cashmere fibers can be collected just once a year! That means the supply is extremely limited. Did you know fibers from approximately four adult goats are needed to make just one average-sized sweater? 

Plus, the fiber selection process leaves no room for error. Expert handling of the cashmere is needed to avoid mistakes such over-processing or chemical damage.

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Brodie Cashmere Sweaters
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How do I best care for my cashmere sweater?

Instructions vary for each sweater, so be sure to always read the care tags carefully. Here are some general rules to keep in mind...

Always fold your sweaters. Cashmere is delicate. Hanging your sweater can cause stretching.
• Remove wrinkles with a steamer. To remove creases avoid ironing and opt for a gentle hand steamer.
• Dry flat. If your sweater's care instructions recommend hand washing, always lay the garment flat to dry. Place it on a clean white towel in its original shape. When one side is dry flip it over and repeat the process.
• Remove pills. Even the most expensive cashmere is prone to pilling. It's simply the nature of the fabric. We recommend investing in a fabric shaver.
Leave it to an expert. When in doubt, research a trusted dry cleaner (preferably organic) and leave the job to them. Be sure to read your care tag first. You'll want to make sure it states dry cleaning is an option.
folded cashmere sweaters
Fun Cashmere Facts
• Cashmere fiber is six times finer than your hair.
• It ages like fine wine. With proper care, high quality cashmere actually becomes softer over time.
• Cashmere comes in three natural colors: white, brown, and grey.
• It's hypoallergenic. Unlike wool, which can cause irritation and itching, cashmere is typically comfortable for all skin types. 
• Each goat produces only 150 grams of fibers. That's just 1/3 of a pound!