Best Gift Ideas for your Aries Friend

Welcome to Aries season! Officially starting on March 21 and ending April 19, Aries season is a time for transformation, thinking boldly and chasing your goals. 

If you have a friend born during this season they can be tricky to shop for. This fire sign is bold, confident and independent. In other words, they know exactly what they like. Not to worry, we're here to help! Read on for our Aries gift guide...

What do I gift my Aries friend?

1. A Touch of fire red, it's their color after all.

Aries is a red hot fire sign! Show your appreciation for their passionate spirit with a pop of red. Our tip: Infuse extra joy by gifting something they can enjoy throughout the day. Think humorous coffee mug, or a hat to shield them from the sun. one hell of a lady mug

Erin Flett Strawberries Crew Bucket Hat
Golden Ge Hell of a Lady Mug
Poppy & Pout Lip Balm
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2. Light their fire with matches and a candle.

For the friend who enjoys tongue-in-cheek humor this is it! Lighting up a candle brings inspiration and a literal spark of joy. Up your gifting game and throw in some adorable matches.nautical candle aries gift idea

Annapolis Candle Safety Matches
Formulary 55 Sea Salt & Lavender Bath Bomb
Formulary 55 Sea Salt & Lavender Bath Bomb
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3. Calm the fire with jewelry that brings the zen.

Speaking of relaxation, your Aries friend could use some! They may power through each day with determination and intention, but they also need to unwind. 

Jasper stone especially brings a soothing energy and is believed to absorb negativity and alleviate worry. We also love A Beautiful Story's carnelian crystal bracelet. The carnelian stone is said to offer a blanket of energetic protection.majestic jasper necklacea beautiful story carnelian bracelet

Scout Jasper Stone Wrap (doubles as bracelet or necklace)
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